Long boring interstate rides turn fun, exciting and educational when you know something about the places you drive through.


Big Nose Geo Shoes 75px

SIDE TRIP on I-80 – Exit 211 in Wyoming.

Bad boy Big Nose George was strung up from a telegraph pole in Rawlins, WY in 1881. The attending doctor (who later became Governor) ordered a pair of shoes made from George's hide. See this and much more in Rawlins' Carbon County Museum. It's like rummaging around grandma's attic. Admission is free and it's less than 2 miles from I-80.


Jean Bonnet 1 75pxSPOT THIS on I-76 – Milepost 142 in Pennsylvania

More than a bed-and-breakfast with a beer-blog reputation, Jean Bonnet Tavern has welcomed Indians and frontiersmen since the 1760's along the only road from eastern PA to the forks of the Ohio River. Determine for yourself if the tavern is haunted, as many believe.


Joseph-Bonaparte 75pxTRIVIA on I-95: Exit 7 in New Jersey

Napoleon Bonaparte's brother fled France and moved to Bordentown in 1815. For 23 years he entertained lavishly and socialized with townspeople and America's important dignitaries.



Stories like this turn an interstate trip from boring to "Wow. I didn't know that!"